Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bad Day/Good Cupcakes

My day started at 5:30am when I was woken up by a wicked bout of heartburn.  Next I missed the bus to South Philly, leaving me to wait in the rain for the next.  Finally at my volunteer gig, the seniors were more ornery than usually, leaving me dazed as I left.  And just for good measure, just a few blocks from my apartment building I lost my footing on some uneven sidewalk and went down like a sack of potatoes... lovely.

I finally got out of the hot sticky weather and into my cool safe apartment about 2pm.  I vowed not to leave my apartment for 24 hours till what ever hex that was plaguing me had passed.  I needed a project that was guaranteed to bring happiness and joy - CUPCAKES!  One small issue, I swore not to leave my apartment for fear that I would end up chased down to the Delaware River by a rabid pack of pit bulls (this is Philly so it is within the realm of possibilities) and I had no eggs or milk for my batter.  This is where bribery comes in very handy.  Using the promise of cupcakes, I was able to obtain a couple eggs & some milk from Dan.

I made a simple vanilla cupcake batter (upping the vanilla extract to a tablespoon) and mixed in mini dark chocolate chunks.  In 20 minutes they rose up nice and light & fluffy with dark chocolate specks.  For the frosting I was torn between a classic butter cream and cream cheese frosting.  That's when I realize - I didn't have enough confectioner sugar for any frosting.  I would have to go to the corner store if I wanted to frost my cupcakes (and is that really optional? no way!).  I was convinced that with the way my day was going I would end up walking in just as the place was being robbed.  Luckily I was able to get to the store and home without indecent.

I decided to make cream cheese frosting and leave some plain, and add coco powder to some.  I added both batches to the pastry bag to pipe onto the cupcakes giving them a nice chocolate/vanilla swirl effect.  The frosting was very easy:

Let a stick of butter and a brick of cream cheese come to room temperature and drop them into the mixer bowl.  I whipped it up with the whisk attachment.  Then I added some vanilla extract and a touch of milk and whipped it some more.  I slowly added the confectioner sugar until it was as sweet as I wanted it.  Then I scooped some out before adding the coco powder & whipping it into the frosting.

And as an added bonus, after frosting 20 cupcakes, I still have a bunch of frosting left over.  I'll have to think of something creative & yummy for the leftovers.

After a cupcake or two, tomorrow is looking a lot brighter.


  1. a bad day always makes me want to bake too....

  2. I bake when I'm stressed too :) Last week I made an apple pie and Lemon Cream Cheese Bars... that' show stressed I was LoL

  3. cupcakes always cure a bad day!:) delicious!

  4. it sucks that you had a shitty day but cupcakes can make anything better:)

  5. When I am stressed, the kitchen is where I go. I bake anything that comes in my mind.

  6. Swear off cupcakes?! These look great! I'm glad you like the Currant Almond cakes; let me know if you make them!