Saturday, February 11, 2012

Short & Sweet

There is only one brand of Greek yogurt I like, Fage.  I like to keep those individual cups on hand.  They are great for making a savory dips like mint and garlic or a sweet snack with honey and nuts.  The other night, too late to cook, I wanted something chocolaty and I wanted it right away.  That's how I came up with the best chocolate (not) pudding recipe ever!

Chocolate (not) Pudding
1/2 of an individual container of Fage 2%
1 tsp of Nutella
1 tsp of raspberry jam

Mix all ingredients together.  Enjoy &...

Ess Eppis!

Note: I have no connection to Fage, it is just honestly the ONLY yogurt I like. I also have no connection to Nutella, but seriously, who doesn't love Nutella!


  1. Awesome tips! I wish I would have read your ideas pre starting my blog!

  2. Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful post. Thank you for supplying these details.