Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Start

So I decided to join the masses of people who have a food blog out here on the interweb... WELCOME!

Recently I made my first turkey pot pie on what happen to be one of the coldest days of year.  In my opinion it was just the right stick to your ribs comfort food, so I impulsively ran down to Dirty Frank's to sign up for the Dirty Frank's Comfort Food Cook Off.  It was also a hit when I made it for a party last weekend for a friend.

So here is my first post about my preparing my turkey pot pie.  Today is roasting day.

I don't have a roasting pan (and not even sure it would fit in my wee apartment oven), so I use my favorite pot - my green Dutch oven.  Three or four fat carrots in the bottom provide a natural roasting rack.  Next I toss in a couple halved onions, then drizzle in some olive oil.

Then I open a bottle of wine.

This is a great Russian wine brought over by a friend the other week.  It's really good.  Reminds me of a Beaujolais.
Next goes in the turkey breast, s&p, red wine, a couple handfuls of cilantro, and coriander seeds.  The turkey breast is too big to put the lid on so I just cover the whole thang nice and tight with a couple sheets of foil.  And into the oven it goes.
Keep checking back over these next few days to follow my progress leading up to the Cook-Off.

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