Thursday, January 28, 2010


Why did I decide to start a food blog when there are already a million of them out - and I already read most of them!

I love to cook.  I love to feed people.  I feel my best preparing food for my friends and family to enjoy and even better when I see them enjoying it.

My brother and I got our hands dirty (figuratively) in the kitchen early.  In the days kids could walk home safely (part way thru the farmer's field that is now a housing development) Micheal and I each had a job to help complete dinner.  Whether it was putting salad dressing on the chicken and in the oven or picking a veggie to heat up as a side dish, we did our part in completing our very regular family dinners.  Even thru high school, you better call better call and have a good reason if you weren't going to be home to eat with the family.

My mom and dad also enjoyed entertaining.  In a time before Chucky Cheese, all our birthday parties were in our back yard (luckily both Michael & I are June babies).  Mom and dad would make elaborate cakes and treats.  Decorate everything to the theme we choose.  They also had many of cocktail parties at the house.  My personal favorite part being getting some pina colada before the rum was mixed in... and in a cool coconut shell glass, before my brother and I were sent upstairs to play nicely together - which we did (my blog, I can use artistic license).

My method of cooking is a bit haphazard.  I rarely measure or follow a recipe (except when it comes to baking which is all about measurements).  I read cook books like other people read novels.  I'll read anywhere from 3 to 10 recipes for something and use some ideas along with some of my own to come up with my own creation.  Some things work, some things don't (one memorable Passover I somehow made purple gefilte fish), but now I'll be sharing this adventure with everyone.

Welcome & enjoy.

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