Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The most important 90 minutes you can spend in the next 24 hours

If there is one thing I believe in when it comes to food, it is know what you are eating. Talk to the people at your local farmer's market, ask the butcher questions, read labels.  Can you identify the items listed in the food you eat?  Could you eat each of those ingredients on their own?  Lately I have been on a mission to make most of my food from as base ingredients as I can.  I find great joy in handling and inspecting the quality of each individual ingredient going into my final product.  I strongly believe in eating locally grow foods and farmed animals.  I am far from achieving a completely "whole food" existence, but every small step is important (in my eyes... and stomach) to me.

Anyone who knows me knows I am not nor will ever be a vegetarian or vegan... I like meat and feel strongly that I could & would take down a cow with my bare hands should it ever come to that (here's to hoping it never comes to that - but if it does, as long as I could find a chicken I can make a mean beef tartare).  This movie, Food, Inc. is not about preaching or making anyone stop eating anything that is out there.  It is about educating.  It is about letting you, the consumer, what choices are out there.  And most importantly, it is about educating the consumer about their own power in this market place & how to exercise it.  Even when covering the ugly side of food production, it is not overly gut wrenching - it is just simply the truth about where your food comes from (it does not magically appear wrapped up neatly in plastic).

Please take 90 minutes to watch this now by clicking this link.  Thank you.

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