Saturday, April 3, 2010

Seder at Zahav

Before I get to the review of our (Catlyn & me - ain't she purdy!) Passover dinner, I really like Zahav and will definitely eat there again. Unfortunately the Passover dinner this year was a disappointment. I think mostly because I have eaten there in the past and know what they are capable of, and this fell short in my eyes (or mouth).

I'll start with the good:
  • On the starter salads that you get there is a salt roasted beets with tahini & toasted walnuts... one word AMAZING! I think it's the tehini, which I found out is made in house (impressive), that gives it this unique creaminess that is simply wonderful. All the salads were tasty. I am not normally a tabouli fan, but enjoyed theirs.
  • The grilled asparagus with soft boiled egg was fabulous. Two of my favorite things paired.
  • The leek fritters with charoset was delish! I could have been very happy with a basket of those fritters and a bowl of the charoset.
  • The dessert of matzoh brei (not really, but good none the less) and wine spiced ice cream was a great ending.
The bad:
  • I hate hate hate to say this... the hummus was bland. Needed either more lemon or garlic (maybe both).
  • They put a spice mix in the matzoh balls that includes cinnamon & nutmeg. They served them in a black broth with garlic. The overly salty savory broth (tasted kinda beefy - would have been good with less salt) did not combine well with the somewhat sweet spices in the matzoh balls. I LOVE matzoh balls - my father and I have had full out knock down races to the kitchen when it is announced "one matzoh ball left" at Seders (usually ending with him pulling rank) - but I couldn't even eat these. This is just my opinion, maybe because they are such a strong part of my tradition.  Catlyn seemed to enjoy both our bowls of soup & matzoh balls, still noting that it was pretty salty.
  • The fish was good, but over powered by the beet & horseradish mixture served with it. It also needed more horseradish - it was barely detectable & with freshly grated that is a hell of a feat! While the white tuna was lovely, a more substantial fish was needed for the dish or a different condiment all together.
  • The coffee braised brisket while good, was a pale comparison of the one from last year that still holds a special place in my heart a year later (this entire night out was because we had the brisket last year and fell in love with it).
It was let down from last year, but I know that on the whole it is a great restaurant and this is just a blip in my experience there.

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