Sunday, February 28, 2010

Amy's Nutella Lollipops

Ok, now that I have you attention...  This is a very very technical recipe that requires that you pay very close attention to the details of the recipe if you wish to take on the challenge of recreating my Nutella Lollipops.  If you even think you are not up to this advanced culinary challenge, just turn back now.

1.  Get your jar of Nutella

2.  Open your jar of Nutella

3.  Now is where you have decide on the spoon to best create your desired sized lollipop.  I prefer this long ice tea spoon.

4.  Now CAREFULLY dip your spoon into the Nutella jar and fill the end of the spoon with Nutella without getting any on the rest of the spoon.  Who wants a messy lollipop?

5.  Enjoy your lollipop!


  1. i think you should melt the nutella, pour it onto cookie sheet, then put it in the freezer to melt

    also add topping if you crave them

    1. u mean you should into freezer to freeze! lol