Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Challenge

Should I choose to except it... actually I have already offered to on this challenge.

Challenge:  Create a tasty & satisfying Paleo dinner (the "caveman" diet) for Catlyn & me on Saturday night.

No bread, no beans, no starch... OY!  I have made vegetarian meals, vegan meals, and kosher style meals, but this automatically kicks out almost all my favorite foods and a lot of my pantry staples.  I am already coming up with some ideas with my limited allowed foods.  I am pretty confidant that I can make a yummy & filling dinner without destroying her diet plan... I am not responsible for what the drinks & dessert after dinner do to her will power.

Stay tuned for challenge up-dates...


  1. hehe looking at that link you could probably make choucroute since it's primarily made of things off of the "encouraged" list... and since you're supposed do the potatoes separately anyway, it's super easy for her to avoid them.

  2. you should send me your recipe... and a heart shaped creuset ;-)

  3. It's really not all that hard. It's veg and meat! :)

    Looking forward to dinner!